[TRANS] EXO :: Good Night


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If a night as beautiful as you comes
I’m sure I’ll be embraced warmly
by the sleeping world and dream good dreams.
Distant in the sky, a small star lit the path we walked
as I whispered my treasured words of love
right by your ear that day.

Baby, good night.
I want to stop right in the moment
I drew in my dreams.
I want to hold you in my arms again.
Still, I miss you,
I can’t find you anywhere.
You’re not here,
but this beautiful night returns
and the emptiness left behind grows larger,
it still does.

It really is strange,
I can’t meet with you, (still can’t see you)
but my time and seasons
keep passing like nothing happened, yeah.

If a night as beautiful as you comes,
I’ll quietly be embraced (with my eyes closed)
by the sleeping world and dream of you.
Your eyes sparkled so clearly,
and your voice was so soft.
If I could just feel your touch one more time, yeah.

Ooh, like a habit,
ooh, I keep thinking of you.

The stars that lit up the night keep blurring,
they keep growing more distant, like the distance between us.
In the morning I return to myself,
having forgotten about you,
and wait for this night to come again.

I won’t give up baby,
I’ll be waiting for you.
A night without you
comes to me again.
I calmly close my eyes,
and while thinking of you,
I fall asleep before I know it.